How to buy a villa in the South of France in the only right way.


 1  Find the right broker that suits you.
 2  Collect all the villas that you have found and that you seem to like most.
 3  Usually we also have these in our portfolio.
 4  If we do not have those mail it to us.
 5  We then can provide the right viewings and guidance. Before, during and after the  purchase.
 6  1 (one) point of contact is the only correct way.
 7  You will otherwise get a fragmented way of working. And NOT the right / lowest price.
 8  Otherwise it is better to find another broker or agent.
 9  There is only 1 (one) good way.
 10  That is not 3-4-5 etc. brokers. But only 1 that really suits you.
Immaculate Villas Cote d'Azur

 10 That is not 3-4-5 etc. brokers. But only 1 that really suits you

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Villas pieds dans l'eau sur la Côte d'Azur. Southern France, French Riviera. French Riviera's property sales website was set up by Villas Cote d'Azur. Theoule sur Mer, Sainte Maxime, Grimaud, Les Issambres, Port Grimaud, Plan de la Tour.

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1.One contact. 2. Office with fixed teams. 3. Personal and expert advice. 4.Carefully prepared viewings. 5. Full support before, during and after purchase.

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