Visit Sainte-Maxime (Provence, France)

The popular resort of Sainte-Maxime is on the Mediterranean coast on the north coast of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, which it faces across the water, and 15km from Frejus.

The south-facing town is backed by hills, so has almost the perfect Mediterranean climate – sunny and also sheltered from northerly winds.

A few distances

    • Saint Tropez 15 km
    • Port Grimaud 7 km
    • Grimaud 11 km
    • Cannes 60 km
    • Nice Aeroport 79 km
    • Gare TGV St Raphael 19 km

Explore Sainte-Maxime

Sainte-Maxime itself has few things of great interest although the small old town is pretty, and the church and a small museum in the Tour Carré opposite celebrating folk traditions in the area will pass a pleasant hour or so.

The tower was at one time key to the region’s defences as cannon fire from this tower and also cannon fire from the top of ‘Portalet’ in Saint Tropez on the opposite side of the bay acted as warnings for attacks by pirates the St Tropez bay area.

Having said that it is a pleasant town and makes an enjoyable break from the beach – because people don’t visit Sainte-Maxime for the town…they come for the coast and sunshine!

The beach at Sainte-Maxime is nice and sandy and quality certified and there are lots of water sports to keep you amused. Close to the beach there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to relax in and the walk around the marina is very attractive.

If you are staying in the area Sainte Maxime is the largest of the towns on the bay of Saint Tropez and has a reasonable selection of bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as other shops and businesses. There is even an 18 hole golf-course complete with sea-views close by.

Those of you with youth and stamina will have no problem finding clubs and bars that will keep you amused until very late into the early hours, while for children Sainte-Maxime is home to Aqualand, a large water park with swimming pools and slides.

The town does boast a Botanic Garden although really it is just a park area – but it is just across the road from part of the beach and is a good shady spot to shelter from the sun.

Market day in Sainte-Maxime is Thursday morning and there is a covered market on Fernand Bessy Street every morning.

Attractions nearby

The resort of Saint Tropez and the harbour town at Port Grimaud are pleasant places to explore, while one the hills behind Sainte-Maxime a visit to the picturesque villages at Gassin and Ramatuelle are highly recommended.

Walk through the enchanting streets of Saint-Tropez, the seaside resort that blends chic celebrities and the atmosphere of a Provençal fishing village. Then visit beautiful Port Grimaud on the coast, It is known as Little Venice for good reason. If you want to know why the world’s most famous photographers, artists and celebrities love the Côte d’Azur, go to Saint-Tropez once a sleepy village, now in the summer playground for stars from around the world. View the mega yachts of the elite and walk through the cobbled streets of Saint-Tropez while learning about the history and culture of the city. There is free time for lunch too. Autumn of 2017 is the introduction to the first new wines of 2018, with a great example of course Château Minuty. A wine that is often described as the best of the top 10. Beautiful wines are produced in Gassin and Ramatuelle the unique region of Saint-Tropez. 

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